Old Themes, Modern Books

I’m always fascinated to see how often common themes are shared across literature and through history, back to Greek tragic plays. I don’t often read true “literature” for pleasure, (my favorite class in high school was history, and my patience for James Joyce is limited), but I was still very struck by this recent article at the Literary Hub, “10 Books To Read By Living Women (Instead Of These 10 By Dead Men)” by Emily Temple. I don’t have any problem with reading books by dead authors, some of whom are terrific, but it is wonderful to find new writers! It’s also a sad truth of English class that a lot of traditional “literature” is written by men (usually white men), so the perspectives it offers can be unbalanced. “10 Books To Read By Living Women” gives a great set of suggestions for newer books written by women, with parallel themes to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Moby Dick, Infinite Jest, and 7 others. Check it out!

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