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“A gift to the worthy” is what one witch calls it, but fifteen-year-old Nolan Newman would have to disagree. A jar filled with stars and dying planets is a poor reward for saving a woman from drowning. When the rescued woman asked what he wanted, Nolan never meant for his answer of “the moon and the stars” to be taken literally. He just meant that the sea life he’d started fell far short of his dreams for heroic adventure. But now Nolan’s words have stopped the tides, the night sky is dark, panicked mobs are stoning witches in the street, and he’s carrying the life and death balance for millions of people in a jar tucked under his spare shirt. If Nolan can’t find a way to get the universe back the way it was soon, the jar’s spell will kill every world trapped inside of it.

No, Nolan doesn’t think he has a gift, and he’s not feeling too “worthy” either.

Determined to save the people trapped in the jar before time runs out, Nolan races north to the Dawn Caves, where legends say that he’ll receive any one wish–if he lives that long. Only a handful of people in history have found the Dawn Caves and returned. When Nolan meets Tylan and Kris, a brother and sister from one of Nolan’s captive worlds, he reluctantly decides that they’d be safer with him than on their own. Together the three journey north while struggling to hide Kris’s magical powers amidst the anti-magic religious fervor now sweeping Nolan’s world.

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